Skim Latihan 1Malaysia - TM Graduates Employability Outreach Program 

Program Overview

Skim Latihan 1Malaysia (SL1M) – TM Graduates Employability Outreach Program (TM GEOP) or known as SL1M – TM GEOP, is one of TM’s Corporate Social Responsibilities initiatives towards developing the nation. It is an intensive program consisting of soft skills training for 2 months and on-job-training for 6 months.

1.       Soft Skills Training:  
The soft skills training is a comprehensive eight-week program aimed at enhancing the human capacity level of participants of the program by equipping them with relevant skills and producing well-rounded individuals prepared for the challenges of the workforce. The primary focus of this program is to enhance the level of the participants’ soft skills and technical skills via hands-on modules that incorporate simulated workplace challenges and tasks.
The program will be conducted at Multimedia University (MMU) Melaka campus and will be delivered by Professional Lecturers from MMU.
The methodology used includes practical input followed by participant-centred tasks designed to be completed either individually or with other individuals. At the end of the program, the participants will have insights into challenges of the workplace and be better prepared to meet those challenges, thus making them highly employable.
The program also focuses on leadership and team mentality via modules designed to inculcate the aforementioned traits in the participants. The eight modules prepared for SL1M - TM GEOP are designed to provide a comprehensive body of teaching and learning whereby input, practical tasks and assessments are geared towards providing an all-encompassing profile of the participants of this program.

2.       On-Job-Training:
Upon completion of the soft skills training for 2 months, the participants will need to go through on-job-training for 6 consecutive months at TM Group and subsidiaries.

Program Objective
At the end of the programme, participants are able to:

  • Achieve relevant communication, technical and management skills for the workplace
  • Communicate effectively at the workplace and other situations
  • Work effectively either individually or in a group in solving problems
  • Achieve the appropriate mindset to meet the demands of the workplace
  • Achieve a level of self-confidence suited to make them employable
  • Have the right ethics and etiquette

Program Details
Soft Skills Training
Duration: 2 months
Duration: 6 months
(Online Content for 3 months, Technical Content for 3 months)
           Essential communication skills
           Effective information management
           Multimedia application at workplace
           Achieving effective employee mindset
           Unearthing the gem in you
           Grooming and social etiquettes for young

       Introduction to job and assignment
       Assignment  for end project delivery
       Hands-on job on task assigned
       Progress on assigned task and delivery
       Finalization and task presentation

Module (Online Content):
       IPTV development group
       IPTV content group
       Online New Media group
       Sales and Marketing
       Multimedia content group

Module (Technical Content):
       HSBB Access group
       HSBB Technical
       Customer Service – TMUC
       IT/HSBB System
       HSBB Installation
       Allowance: RM400 per month
       TM will provide the participants with:
                     Accommodation at MMU Melaka Campus
       Allowance: RM1,000 per month
       Undergo training with TM or subsidiaries
       Immediate placement if meet criteria(s)
       Absorption to TM can be considered at the end of program


·         CGPA 2.5 and above
·         Unemployed after graduation (minimum of 6 months)
·         Age not more than 24 years old
·         Employed graduates with incommensurate salary

Forward this information to your relatives and acquaintances. Click here to apply.  Closing date for application is 24 June 2011. HURRY! Seats are limited and it is on first come first serve basis!
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For more information, please contact:
·         Fauziah Ibrahim: 03 – 2240 9886
·         Qurrata'aini Yusoff: 03 – 2241 2166
·         Nany Haryani Lokman: 03-2240 2575
·         Rita Nisah Mohd Janis: 03-2240 9827