Institut Teknologi Petroleum PETRONAS (INSTEP) is one of two training institutions operated by PETRONAS Management Training Sdn Bhd, the management and technical training subsidiary of PETRONAS. It was set up in 1983 initially as a training facility for oil and gas technicians, known as Institut Latihan Perindustrian Petroleum (ILPP). Subsequently, it was renamed INSTEP to reflect its expanded scope with the addition of specialised courses for engineers and technical executives as well as courses in Health, Safety and Environment specifically within the context of the petroleum industry. Since its inception, the institute has trained more than 6,000 technicians for the petroleum industry, and has been a major source of skilled manpower for the PETRONAS group of companies. Besides PETRONAS, the other multinational companies operating in the country that have also engaged INSTEP's services to train their future employees include AMOCO Chemical, TIOXIDE, EASTMAN Chemical, IDEMITSU, Talisman, ExxonMobil, BASF, BP Chemical and SHELL Middle Distillate Synthesis.

1. Program Teknologi Petroleum


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