The main objective of Islamic Colleges is to harmonize the relationship between Malaysians of various races through a universal and Islamic learning systematically to improve the administration of the country since independence in 1957.Thus, although the college has undergone some evolution, Islamic Colleges spirit remains. Rulers Council encourages continued efforts by mandating that Islamic Colleges upgraded to the Islamic University of Malaya. It is the hope with this new identity will help the university in the face of environmental challenges and different cultures from 1955. Job Vacancies at Majlis Universiti Islam Malaysia (MUIM) :

1. Ketua Pegawai Teknologi Maklumat
2. Pegawai Penerbit Kanan
3. Pegawai Teknogi Maklumat
4. Pegawai Terjemahan
5. Pembantu Tadbir
6. Pegawai Khidmat Pelanggan
7. Pembantu Operasi
8. Pemandu

Closing date 7 March 2014