Agrobank is an institution which provides holistic financial services and banking facilities. We give our utmost priority to the needs of our customers by providing attractive products and services such as savings activities, banking services, loan facilities, insurance coverage and advisory services. Agrobank is a Government-linked-Company (GLC) under the Minister ofFinance Incorporated (MFI). The bank’s financing of the agricultural sector is driven by a policyset forth by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industries. Agrobank is a continuity of the former Bank Pertanian Malaysia which has 40 years of experience in agricultural banking and an excellent track record in shaping and developing successful entrepreneurs.With a wide network of branches throughout Malaysia, we are confident of providing the best services to all.

Jawatan Kosong di Agrobank :

1. Executive, Secretariat
2. Unit Head , Marketing & Sales Ar-Rahnu
3. Head, Leadership & Talent Management
4. Head, Human Resource Employee Relation
5. Manager, Provision
6. Assistant Manager, Human Resource Policy Review
7. Industry Specialist, Credit Risk Department
8. Executive, Shariah Risk, Operational Risk Department
9. Resident Trainer,HR Learning & Development (Sales & Services)
10. Executive, Business Analyst