Jawatan Kosong MSC Malaysia

Opportunities Created through the MSC Malaysia Job Camp. Available K-Workers and the Malaysian ICT industry can benefit from the Job Camp programme. This is achieved by:

1. MSC Malaysia Job Camp (JC)

Available K-Workers:
- Enhance employability in the job market.
- Improve their knowledge and skill sets and also stay abreast of the latest trends and best practices.
- ICT Industry
- Readily available talent pool.

Programme Details
- Job Camp period ranges from one to six months of training

Cost of programme:
- FREE training for successful applicants.

Note: Does not include food, transportation and accommodation.

Who can participate
- Available K-Workers (currently unemployed, in-between jobs, changing fields, retrenched)
- Malaysian graduates.
- Must obtain CGPA 2.5 and above
- Hold at least a Diploma in IT-related fields
- Anyone who is interested to pursue a career in the ICT industry.

How to apply?
It’s easy, just:

Fill up the online application form here. CLICK HERE TO APPLY ONLINE. And wait for approval from us. Our system will notify you of your status.

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